The Cupola, Zwijndrecht

Housing 2009
  • #private woning
  • #renovatie

Woning WWB

The cupola project in Zwijndrecht is completed. The final coating has been applied to the ceiling and the client is ready to embrace this new room.

The cupola radically combines structure, insulation and waterproofing in one single element and can be modeled in all thinkable shapes. The cupola is made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and has a polyurea coating.

The project has the ambition to formulate a critical alternative to the classic Flemish do-it-yourself building practice.

2016 823 ED INTERIEUR20
2016 823 ED INTERIEUR18
2016 823 ED INTERIEUR19
2016 823 ED KOEPEL5
2016 823 ED KOEPEL14
2016 823 ED KOEPEL16
2016 823 FD MODEL1



opdracht: private house extension
klant: private
jaar: 2012
locatie: Molenstraat, Zwijndrecht
programma: cupola extension

credits: MikeViktorViktor architects in collaboration with Frederic Vandoninck, Koen Huyghe, Jef Pottier.