MikeViktorViktor is currently working on a number of large scale public buildings throughout Flanders and Belgium. Projects vary in size, program and clients; we are working for governments, developers, businesses and private clients. All projects are met with a custom made designteam, each team is headed by a senior projectleader and followed by one of the principals. Depending on the scale and complexity the teams are further enlarged with junior-architects and designers. The senior project manager is responsible for the day-to-day communication, organization and monitoring of the project. The designteam is complemented by engineering consultants, engineering offices, durability experts, cost and management consultants depending on the size, need and desire of the client, project team, design team or user groups.

Architecture can not be separated from the immediate vicinity, nor of its role within the city. Several projects of MikeViktorViktor are taking place at the interface between urban design and architecture. These projects are fully addressed with a vision and design of the public space, an analysis of mobility and a vision on sustainable development.

Besides architecture MikeViktorViktor is also actively engaged in designstudies and masterplans. The combination of different disciplines - architecture, landscape, urban design and public space - provide an urban reflex in architectural projects and for a support base on architecture when dealing with designstudies and masterplans.

Mike Viktor Viktor works on different scales, in different disciplines and with the very best consultants. The result is an integrated approach to the assignment with a thorough elaboration and control.


MikeViktorViktor architects Antwerpen bvba
Lodewijk van Berckenlaan 71
B-2600 Antwerpen-Berchem


E. info@mikeviktorviktor.be

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    Bart Melort

    Managing director and architect with master in engineering and an advanced master from the Berlage Institute. Expert in architecture and urban planning up to 20.000 m2. 

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    Former Employees (alphabetic order)

    Janik Beckers BE
    Joris Bootsma NL
    Hong-Wan Chan BE
    Alice Chen CA
    Paul Clark USA

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    Jan De Ruyver BE
    Bram Denkens BE
    Enea Facoetti IT
    Koen Huyghe BE
    Joris Kerremans BE

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    Mariline Laenen BE
    Lode Lefevre BE
    Maïté Martens BE
    Thomas Montulet NL
    Romeo Nuitten BE
    Laetitia Peeters BE
    Jef Pottier BE

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    Jesse Ramaekers BE
    Martina Sessarego IT
    Leen Van den Broeke BE
    Bram Vandemoortel BE
    Reinaard Vandersloten BE
    Frederic Vandoninck BE
    Gilles Vanneste BE

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    Elias Verdegem BE
    Wouter Willems BE